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Dibs - Envars Envisaged As Enviles

In a previous post (meet the packs) we saw that there’s more than one way to make your packs generic and avoid the dreaded copy-and-paste syndrome. In partic...

Dibs - Remote Packs

Did you think that the previous post on Dibs packs had all there is to know about packs? Surely not!

Dibs - Meet The Packs

This is the first post about dibs (first here and second here) and it should be clear by now that the main goal of Dibs (at least “over” using a plain Docker...

Dibs - YAML Reuse

In our first post about dibs we saw how to use it as a different kind of multistage Dockerfile. While I already prefer it this way (all the &&s quick...

Hi from dibs!

So… here’s dibs, which stands for Docker Image Build System. Put it very, very bluntly… it is what I use instead of docker build lately. It already comes wit...


Invent Stories

I was always fascinated by systems for creating stories, like Rory’s Story Cubes and its emulators, or card alternatives like Tell Tale and the Inventafavole...

A Simple Telegram Bot

Telegram is a messagging platform/App much like WhatsApp and companions. One nifty feature is that it allows integrating bots, contarily to WhatsApp… let’s s...

Some Maths for Dobble

Dobble (also known as Spot-It) is an amazing game that’s both fun and mathematically interesting. This is my take on… remembering it some time in the future.


Telegram Keyboard Button Encoding

Telegram custom keyboards are a handy feature to provide a cleaner interface to your users. But unlike HTML, these buttons are doomed to send their text inst...

Markdown to HTML in Windows Explorer

At work we have SharePoint but I don’t really like its editor in the Wiki (at least how it is setup in our local installation). Well, actually I like using M...


WebService::Fake - but still usable!

Some time ago one of the rites of passage for a wannabe Perl programmer was having its own take on a templating system. I duly complied with Template::Perlis...

Dokku - Your Tiny PaaS

Do you like Platform as a Service? Ever wondered about rolling your own, especially if you have some capacity that you don’t use and you are always strugglin...

Setup a Taskwarrior server

Do you use Taskwarrior and want to setup a private remote server for backing stuff up and sync across multiple devices? Here’s a few notes you might find int...

Writing About Stuff

One of the most effective ways to debug and refine my code is to… write about it. I am so smart that I figured it out all alone… at about 43!



Get the most out of your APIs… from the shell!

Changes, nags and git hooks

I use Dist::Zilla with a few plugins, including NextRelease and Git::Check. I was always nagged by the fact that committing actually left the Changes file un...


wrapperl is a (Perl) program lets you wrap another Perl program with some local-specific configurations.

Gerrit import - the hard way

What if you started developing a tool using git, and after 400+ commits someone tells you to import it into a Gerrit-based central repository where you barel...

Parachuting Whatever

Many times I craft things that have to be installed in some place, which means that an installer is a nice thing to have. Here’s one, Perl-based.

Parachuting Perl

I’m probably not the only one in the world to work in an Enterprise-like world. Which basically boils down to little Perl knowledge (at least in the admitted...

GitHub Pages

I recently decided that I should probably write more. GitHub Pages is a good place where to store what I write.



local::lib for distributions

local::lib is a love-it-or-hate-it module, with the additional feature that you don’t get the hate-it part.

Carp::Always would have helped

Yesterday I wrote an article about Dist::Zilla and, at a certain point, I had issues with a missing Changes file, that triggered an error whose source was no...

Giving Dist::Zilla a try

I’m just new to Dist::Zilla, so these are the records of what I found about it… If you’re impatient and only want the results, go to The Lucky Path section b...


Why parsing should be simple?

Following an article by osfameron (found thanks to Planet Perl Iron Man) I landed on the interesting analysis performed by Aldo Cortesi. I was quite unsurpri...

IO::Zlib and saved space

A few days ago a colleague asked me about using Perl for analysing some ASA firewall logs in order to spot how many public addresses are needed for NATting u...

Equality is reflexive... isn't it?

I read about Perl6::Junction in an article on blogs.perl.org and I was tickled. I quickly went on CPAN to see what the module was about beyond the post above...

RTFM, you geek!

After the previous post, I shipped the script and the related libraries to the recipient and slept as a baby. Just to discover that they didn’t figure out ho...

Perl.org has a new face!

Wow, I’m very pleased to see the new face of Perl.org. I have to thank Paul Fenwick for the hint!

Italian Perl Workshop 2009

Divertito mi sono divertito! Rivedere gli amici perlisti, conoscerne di nuovi… Ho notato una cosa, però: la gente sembrava veramente poca quando si stava nel...