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I sometimes happen to start a local repository that then I want to replicate on my server, here’s what I use.


basedirname=$(basename "$PWD")


ssh "$remote_hostname" "
      cd git &&
      mkdir -p '$repository' &&
      cd '$repository' &&
      git init --bare
   " &&
   git remote add "$remote" "$remote_base/$repository" &&
   git push -u --all origin

I call this script remotise. When I want to set up the remote repository, I hop into the relevant repository for the directory and issue:

cd /path/to/project

# Option 1: DWIM

# Option 2: set the path in the repository (I don't do Perl only)
remotise web/someproject

# Option 3, set the name of the repository (shown by git memo) as well:
remotise web/someproject upstream

That’s all folks!