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Irreducible Perler.

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Recent Posts

Writing About Stuff

One of the most effective ways to debug and refine my code is to… write about it. I am so smart that I figured it out all alone… at about 43!


Get the most out of your APIs… from the shell!

Changes, nags and git hooks

I use Dist::Zilla with a few plugins, including NextRelease and Git::Check. I was always nagged by the fact that committing actually left the Changes file uncommitted… until now.


wrapperl is a (Perl) program lets you wrap another Perl program with some local-specific configurations.

Gerrit import - the hard way

What if you started developing a tool using git, and after 400+ commits someone tells you to import it into a Gerrit-based central repository where you barely have a bit for pushing proposed changes? Well… it’s possible!