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Irreducible Perler.

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Recent Posts

Invent Stories

I was always fascinated by systems for creating stories, like Rory’s Story Cubes and its emulators, or card alternatives like Tell Tale and the Inventafavole (or its second take) among the many. Why not make something just for fun?

A Simple Telegram Bot

Telegram is a messagging platform/App much like WhatsApp and companions. One nifty feature is that it allows integrating bots, contarily to WhatsApp… let’s see an example in Perl.

Some Maths for Dobble

Dobble (also known as Spot-It) is an amazing game that’s both fun and mathematically interesting. This is my take on… remembering it some time in the future.

Telegram Keyboard Button Encoding

Telegram custom keyboards are a handy feature to provide a cleaner interface to your users. But unlike HTML, these buttons are doomed to send their text instead of a configurable value. Or are they?

Markdown to HTML in Windows Explorer

At work we have SharePoint but I don’t really like its editor in the Wiki (at least how it is setup in our local installation). Well, actually I like using Markdown for editing most of the stuff, so here’s what I managed to setup.