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Recent Posts

Telegram Keyboard Button Encoding

Telegram custom keyboards are a handy feature to provide a cleaner interface to your users. But unlike HTML, these buttons are doomed to send their text instead of a configurable value. Or are they?

Markdown to HTML in Windows Explorer

At work we have SharePoint but I don’t really like its editor in the Wiki (at least how it is setup in our local installation). Well, actually I like using Markdown for editing most of the stuff, so here’s what I managed to setup.

WebService::Fake - but still usable!

Some time ago one of the rites of passage for a wannabe Perl programmer was having its own take on a templating system. I duly complied with Template::Perlish, which I’m quite happy about and I use anywhere I can. Later, it seems that many people thought they would have a take at building the next cool web service/application framework; here, I set quite low expectactions, but it’s still useful!

Dokku - Your Tiny PaaS

Do you like Platform as a Service? Ever wondered about rolling your own, especially if you have some capacity that you don’t use and you are always struggling deploying your stuff? Meet Dokku, [t]he smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen.

Setup a Taskwarrior server

Do you use Taskwarrior and want to setup a private remote server for backing stuff up and sync across multiple devices? Here’s a few notes you might find interesting.